Sunday, March 8, 2009

Miri City Council has received the list of appointment of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors for the period of service from 1/1/2009 till 31/12/2009.

List of Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors

1. Encik Lawrence Lai Yew Son - Mayor
2. Encik Mohd. Chee bin Kadir - Deputy Mayor
3. Puan Suzanne Lee Tze Ha - Councillor
4. Encik Yong Kar Seng - Councillor
5. Puan Lim Shian Shiuh @ Bernice Lim - Councillor
6. Encik Chin Fook Kim - Councillor
7. Encik Gilbert Chin Yung Hua - Councillor
8. Encik Koh Ek Chong - Councillor
9. Encik Kong San Hoe - Councillor
10. Puan Liew Mei Yin - Councillor
11. Puan Chong Nyuk Lain - Councillor
12. Encik Abau anak Nawing - Councillor
13. Encik Chia Chhau Khiong - Councillor
14. Encik Julaihi bin Haji Mohamad - Councillor
15. Encik Mohamad Sardon bin Zainal - Councillor
16. Encik Dennis Ngau - Councillor
17. Puan Hajjah Khadija binti Datuk Muip - Councillor
18. Puan Lila @ Laila binti Mohamad - Councillor
19. Dr. Philip Raja - Councillor
20. Dr. Nuing Jeluing - Councillor
21. Encik Wendel Crocker - Councillor
22. Encik Renggan ak. Belatong - Councillor
23. Encik Narmal Singh - Councillor
24. Encik David Tan Thiam Hua - Councillor
25. Encik Robert Ayu - Councillor
26. Puan Kijan Toynbee - Councillor
27 Encik Inging anak Wil @ Robert - Councillor

The Swearing In Ceremony was held on Saturday 14th February 2009 at the council office thereby the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillorshave declared acceptance of their appointments during the solemn ceremony held in the presence of YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr. George Chan Hong Nam, the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak (1), the Minister of Industrial Development and Minister of Modernisation of Agriculture together with other localYang Berhormat, Datuk-Datuk, community leaders, local dignitaries, heads of government departments, council staff and theirfamily members.



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