Saturday, March 7, 2009

Man charged with raping a minor

A man from Taman Vigawa was charged in session court here yesterday for raping an under-aged victim.

Lim Chou Huat was charged under Section 376 of the Penal Code.
He was alleged to have committed the offence at between 2.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. on January 11 this year at a lodging house in Jalan Tabuan.

According to the facts of the case read by Chief Inspector Teoh Soon Teik on the February 11, the accused had referred the victim to Kuching Wellfare Department Office where he reported that the victim, 10 years old, had been used by her own parents for immoral activities.

The victim was forced by her mother to go for prostitution. All the activities were handled by her mother and the accused admitted that he had sex with the victim at a lodging house at Jalan Tabuan.

The accused fetched the victim and her mother from their house and bring them to the lodging house. Besides, the accused was also a close friend of the victim’s parents and he did stay overnight at their house too.

Tuan Nixon Kennedy Kumbong, the session judge ordered Lim to be released on the court bail RM20,000 and cash bail RM7,000 with two local sureties which monthly income is not less than RM2,000 and also must be Kuching residents.

The accused was also advised by the session court judge to engage a defence counsel.
The case would be heard in court soon.



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