Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A good place to hang out

FOR live soccer matches, a game of pool, live music, and a selection of easy and good grub to go with, the Rainforest Sports Bar may be a place to check out.

Located at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, the bistro has a trendy, hip feel with two pool tables, a projector screen and 12 television sets to cater to sports fans, a dart corner, as well as a deejay console and a small stage for live bands.

As for the lower level it is furnished like a lounge, perfect for a cigar and wine session.

Popular: The Rainforest Fried Rice topped with an egg.

The outlet, which is part of the Rotol Food-Chain (a subsidiary of Rotol Group of Companies) was opened last April.

Rotol Food-Chain general operations manager Anil Sharma said the food served here are mainly western and local, and is popular for its sizzling dishes of lamb or chicken.

A selection of wholesome main courses are also available, making for a real meal.

For this month and March, the outlet is one of the UOB Hotpicks for the month.

Juicy: The Barbecued Pineapple Chicken is surprisingly juicy and tender and is one of the UOB promotional items of the outlet.

UOB cardmembers are entitled to a 50% discount when they order any of the 10 selected items, ranging from appetisers to main courses and desserts.

First on the list was the Mix Combo Platter, which comprises fried items like potato cheese ball, fish cake, vegetarian spring rolls, and prawn fritters, served with Thai chilli and mayonnaise sauce.

A recommended item is the Sizzling Fajitas (choice of beef or chicken). It is served with tortilla wraps and sides like chopped greens and cheese.

We were also served the vegetarian version, that came with different coloured bell peppers. It came sizzling and fragrant while its gravy was somewhat like bolognaise sauce which made perfect pairing.

Thai twist: The Tropical Jungle Curry Pizza that uses Thai green curry paste.

A popular dish with guests is the Rainforest Fried Rice.

"A lot of guests like having rice and when they see that it comes with the piece of chicken, they see value-for-money," Anil said.

The BBQ Pineapple Chicken was a favourite with many of us as the meat was juicy and tender.

Anil said the chicken was roasted in a special combi oven, which releases both heat and moisture that ensured the meat remained moist and tender.

Also on the list was the Tropical Jungle Curry Pizza, which interestingly uses Thai green curry paste and tasted rather spicy, so make sure you indicate to the staff your preferred level of spiciness.

A good start: The Mix Combo Platter with its assorted fried items makes for a good starter.

The dessert was Mango Pudding, topped with fruit cubes, which was smooth in texture and not too sweet.

Anil said all food served were MSG free and cooked using low-cholesterol oil, to promote healthy eating.

The in-house DJ spins every night from 8pm onwards, while the live band performs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 9pm onwards.

For Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, a solo artiste will perform live.

The outlet also provides for catering services for birthdays and weddings.

> RAINFOREST SPORTS BAR, Lot C4.07, Level 4 Connection, Pavilion KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang. (Tel: 03-2163 0163). Business hours:



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