Saturday, March 7, 2009

Many Sarawakians including those in the business community, greatly welcome the government’s move to lift the control gag on the import of sugar and flour into the country.
They said such a move would benefit the people as the liberalization would encourage open and healthy competition in the market.

Chinese community leader, Temenggong Sim Kian Soon, told Eastern Times yesterday he warmly welcomed the move.

He added: “If it becomes a reality, the people will have the chance to buy cheaper sugar and flour because there is healthy competition for customers. The lower prices will lead to cheaper products made from sugar and flour. All these will benefit

Local prominent businessman, Penghulu Pui Sing Min, agreed.
“It should be like this, to allow the people to benefit from the free market mechanism.
“In fact, some other products should be accorded the same treatment also,” he said.
Pui is Tabuan Jaya Commercial Organisation Association chairman and Teck Kong Trading Co. director.

Bareo Enterprises Company manager, Sim Pang Song, also agreed and welcomed the move. He hoped the people could benefit from it as soon as possible.
Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad, recently told the Dewan Rakyat that the government might allow free trade to encourage healthy competition among importers.

He was replying to Khalid Abdul Samad (Pas-Shah Alam), who wished to know the steps taken by the government to break the monopoly of those importing commodities like sugar and flour.

Shahrir added the government was in the final phase of drafting the Fair Trade Bill.
“It will give the government more power to resolve issues that may arise when producers try to abuse the market.

“The act will enable an open and fair market and introduce competitive trading and will be tabled after putting together feedback received from all. The Ministry hopes to table it in Parliament by this year,” he added.



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