Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Men and women equal

Larry Sng, Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Economic Planning) cum Assistant Minister of Industrial Development (Planning), said since the United Nations’ declaration of rights for women many years ago the lot of women in society had progressed much to catch on equality in comparison to the status of men.

“In the past, many years ago in the history, women were being discriminated and their roles were confined to merely family upbringing and in the kitchen. Today, their social status is on par with men as the society progress. Like their male counterparts, they too are playing prominent roles in society as they were also armed with the relevant knowledge and skills,” said Larry while speaking at the World Women Day Celebration last Saturday evening held at Chong Seng Food Court which was attended by some 150 guests.

The function was jointly organised by women from six bodies, namely, SUPP, Foochow Association, Chiang Chuang Association, Tai Chi Association, Lions Club and Kapit Chinese Women (KCWA) Association’s women’s wings respectively. Also taking part in the celebration were the Women Institute of Kampung Baru and OUNA (Orang Ulu National Association).

Kp9-3 Women Day.jpg

HAPPY WOMEN DAY … Larry (6th left) with the women members here to celebrate the occasion of World Women Day celebration.

“Some countries have recognised women rights better than Western countries; for example, China and Russia have declared women day as public holiday. I think this is quite a good move because they recognised the important the role played by women in the society.

“Our government also make sure that every ethnic group celebrates their festive seasons as Gawai Dayak, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year. We cater for every ethnic groups,” said Larry.
“We appreciate women’s effort just like tonight we feel very proud able to show the women of Kapit working together despite coming from different ethnic backgrounds. When everyone is great I am great also,” he said.

Larry also reminded the people of Kapit to be united and work together to bring progress to the community.

He added that Pusat Khidmat Pelagus (NADI) last year successfully organised a course on ‘Gender Against Violence’.

“It was a success and we will continue to organise more courses to be participated by women this year,” he assured.

Meanwhile, Organising Chairperson, Ma Bee Kuan, who also spoke at the function, said the theme of the celebration this year was, “Men and Women Together Against Violence”.
She said the celebration was not merely eating and merry making but “more importantly, we are able to work together, to motivate one another and train ourselves to enhance our knowledge and capacity to serve the community to the best of our ability”.

“It is not just fellowship and gathering but I urged the women to stand up to do something together not just for our family but the society and the country at large,” she said.

Those present at the function were the Chairlady of Kapit Chinese Women Association, Wong Ke Ing , the Chairladies of Foochow Women Wing Association, Tie Weng Fong , Hu Le He (Tai Chi), Moonly Tiang (Lions Club), Evely Biju (SIDS) and Jenny Yu (SUPP) respectively.
Among the invited guests were administrative officer-in-charge of social development at Kapit resident Office, Yii See Yong, ex-Temenggong Sng Chee Eng, Kapitan Micky Ngu, Kapitan Yong Thu Fook, Chairman United Chinese Association, Yong Hua Sying, Chairman Foochow Association, Liew Siong Swee, Chairman Chiang chuan Association, Yeo kim Teck and Chairlady of the Women Wing of Kwang Tung Association, Lee Kung Chen.



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