Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ex-servicemen appeal for govt assistance

The Malaysian Ex-Servicemen’s Association (PBTM) Sarawak branch has appealed to the government to help members in Kapit who have been waiting 11 years to build homes here.

The ex-servicemen purchased land at KM9 over a decade ago but cannot build there until the Land and Survey Department surveys and sub-divides the land into individual lots.

“They have sacrificed their energy and time with their families to protect the country’s sovereignty and independence during the early days of Malaysia’s formation, particularly from 1963 to early 1980. Today they are old and they need the lot to build decent homes to settle down for the rest of their lives,” said PBTM chairman Abang Mohd Yassin.

He called on the government to sympathise with the plight of the ex-servicemen and to grant their simple request.

The chairman vowed to bring the matter to the attention of higher authorities in Putrajaya when he attended a national-level meeting there on March 26.

“We hope the Veteran’s Department in the Ministry of Defence will assist us to pursue the matter with the relevant authorities,” he said.

Mohd was speaking at the opening ceremony of PBTM Kapit branch’s 18th annual general meeting (AGM) yesterday.

It was attended by some 300 members.



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