Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eight Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia flights were disrupted last Sunday after an Air Asia aircraft stopped in the middle of the runway shortly after it landed at about 10.00 pm. None of the 154 passengers and crews was hurt in the incident.
Kuching International Airport Manager, Sunif Naiman, told Eastern Times that the incident was cause by a “technical problem”.

“There was no emergency landing. It was just a technical problem. Everything was back to normal at 2.45 am yesterday,” he said.

However, a passenger onboard the ill-fated plane, which had taken off from Kuala Lumpur at 8.30 pm, claimed that the plane had a problem with one of its tyres. That was why it stopped shortly after landing, he said.

Although the incident did not cause a panic, the Fire and Rescue Services Department and the Sarawak General Hospital nonetheless rushed to the airport as a precautionary measure.
Sunif said four inbound flights and four outbound flights were unable to use the airport for more than four hours.

air asia.JPG

The affected plane.

He added that one MAS flight from Kuala Lumpur and an Air Asia flight from Singapore were scheduled to land at 10.15 pm and 10.30 pm respectively but they had to be diverted to Sibu.

Another two Air Asia flights from Kuala Lumpur were cancelled.
He added that four outbound flights, two each from MAS and Air Asia, were delayed as a result



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