Friday, March 13, 2009

Sarawak’s top student

Goh Fui Phing.jpg

Goh Fui Phing

Riam Road Secondary School SPM Results for 2008 prove to be excellent. Out of the 77 candidates, 39 obtained at least five credits and above and 25 a minimum of five distinctions.
Among them Goh Fui Phing secured 16A1s, possibly one of the top in the nation. The CEO, Dato’ Dr. Fong Onn Min said that this is the first time he sees such a fantastic result and hopes that more students of Riam Road Secondary School will get such good result in the future.

Goh Fui Phing, Head girl of the school, under the motivation of Fong sat for 16 subjects. Her straight A1 in all 16 subjects has indeed brought glory not only to herself and family but also to the students, teachers and the whole school. This has proven that Chinese Independent School ‘boleh”!.

Goh was from Krokop Chung Hua Primary School. She obtained 7As in the UPSR and 8As in the PMR and the Chinese Independent School Examinations.

An all rounder in school, Goh Fui Phing hopes to secure a Government Scholarship to pursue a medical degree overseas.

Following closely behind Goh Fui Phing in the school is Hii Kah Yung who took 15 subjects and obtained 12As and 3Bs. Lesley Lai Hsien Ching, daughter of Miri City Mayor Lawrence Lai obtained all A in the 11 subjects she took, 10 A1s and 1A2. This is the result of the good parental care she receives.

Lesley is now overseas for further studies. Her cousin and classmate, Ginny Liew Shiang May, now studying Cambridge A-Level in Riam Institute of Technology obtained 10As and 3Bs. Together with Ginny in Riam Institute of Technology is Vivian Kong Sing Ung with 10A1s and 1B in the 11 subjects she sat for.

Fong commented that the excellent result is due to the conducive environment and the relentless effort of the teachers and students who are imbued with the Riam Road Secondary Spirit of “If I Want, I Surely Can” in their relentless effort to strive for excellence.
The other outstanding students include, Andy Tan Dih Xiang, Arvin Julian Kho Kai Xuan, Chia Kar Lynn, Edmund Tang Tuang Shen, Eleen Law Yi Lin, Goh Pik Cheng, Hudson Agan Yong Twan Tsen, Kiew Shook Ching, Kueh Mei Mei, Lin Mei Na, Pang Yee Fatt, Pui Jin Fatt, Wong Yew Hui, Wong Yew Yan, Yeo Hui Kiat, Huang Chyi Yenn, Connie Kuok Mong Wei, Esther Paya Avit, Tang Mean and Wong Mei Fen.



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