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SMK Penrissen No 1 fares better

SMK Penrissen No 1 had only three students scoring straight As in all subjects but that was enough to make the teachers smile when the 2008 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) results were announced yesterday.

In 2007, only two students scored straight As in the SPM.

This time round, more students qualified for a full SPM certificate based on a pass in Bahasa Malaysia paper.

A spokesperson for the school told Eastern Times yesterday that the passing rate this time was 84.62, compared with 80.18 for the 2007 SPM.

“With all the constraints that we faced and the environment of the school, we are generally quite satisfied with the achievements.

“Of course, we will not rest on our laurel but will strive harder in the future.
“This may include providing tuition classes to the weak students,” he said.

The spokesman added that the three students who scored straight As had sat for 12, 11 and 10 subjects respectively.

He said besides the top three scorers, two other students obtained 9As, three 8As, one 7As and nine 6As.

443 SPM candidates

SMK Penrissen No. 1, one of the rural schools in this district and about 20 kilometres from here, had 443 candidates sitting for the SPM examination last year.

The SPM results saw 6,277 students scoring straight As in all subjects throughout the country, compared with 5,060 in 2007.

Education Ministry Director-General, Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom said 1,676 students scored A1s in all subjects, compared with 892 in 2007 while 181,416 or 46.7% passed all subjects compared with 175,452 in 2007.

“There were three excellent result achievers who scored A1s in all 16 subjects, two who scored A1s in 15 subjects while six scored A1s in 14 subjects,” said Alimuddin while announcing the SPM and STAM results in Putrajaya.

Last year, 442,936 students sat for the SPM compared with 439,255 in 2007; 435 Special students also sat for the examination last year, compared with 355 the previous year.

Sarawak’s top student

Goh Fui Phing.jpg

Goh Fui Phing

Riam Road Secondary School SPM Results for 2008 prove to be excellent. Out of the 77 candidates, 39 obtained at least five credits and above and 25 a minimum of five distinctions.
Among them Goh Fui Phing secured 16A1s, possibly one of the top in the nation. The CEO, Dato’ Dr. Fong Onn Min said that this is the first time he sees such a fantastic result and hopes that more students of Riam Road Secondary School will get such good result in the future.

Goh Fui Phing, Head girl of the school, under the motivation of Fong sat for 16 subjects. Her straight A1 in all 16 subjects has indeed brought glory not only to herself and family but also to the students, teachers and the whole school. This has proven that Chinese Independent School ‘boleh”!.

Goh was from Krokop Chung Hua Primary School. She obtained 7As in the UPSR and 8As in the PMR and the Chinese Independent School Examinations.

An all rounder in school, Goh Fui Phing hopes to secure a Government Scholarship to pursue a medical degree overseas.

Following closely behind Goh Fui Phing in the school is Hii Kah Yung who took 15 subjects and obtained 12As and 3Bs. Lesley Lai Hsien Ching, daughter of Miri City Mayor Lawrence Lai obtained all A in the 11 subjects she took, 10 A1s and 1A2. This is the result of the good parental care she receives.

Lesley is now overseas for further studies. Her cousin and classmate, Ginny Liew Shiang May, now studying Cambridge A-Level in Riam Institute of Technology obtained 10As and 3Bs. Together with Ginny in Riam Institute of Technology is Vivian Kong Sing Ung with 10A1s and 1B in the 11 subjects she sat for.

Fong commented that the excellent result is due to the conducive environment and the relentless effort of the teachers and students who are imbued with the Riam Road Secondary Spirit of “If I Want, I Surely Can” in their relentless effort to strive for excellence.
The other outstanding students include, Andy Tan Dih Xiang, Arvin Julian Kho Kai Xuan, Chia Kar Lynn, Edmund Tang Tuang Shen, Eleen Law Yi Lin, Goh Pik Cheng, Hudson Agan Yong Twan Tsen, Kiew Shook Ching, Kueh Mei Mei, Lin Mei Na, Pang Yee Fatt, Pui Jin Fatt, Wong Yew Hui, Wong Yew Yan, Yeo Hui Kiat, Huang Chyi Yenn, Connie Kuok Mong Wei, Esther Paya Avit, Tang Mean and Wong Mei Fen.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Barisan Nasional candidate for the Batang Ai by-election is expected to be unveiled on Saturday.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud told reporters on Wednesday that he had not yet decided on the candidate for the constituency.

However, he said the state Barisan would meet this Saturday to discuss who would represent the coalition in the coming by-election.

Asked whether he would announce the candidate after the meeting, he replied: “Yes.”

The Batang Ai seat fell vacant when its assemblyman Datuk Dublin Unting Ingkot, who was also Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) vice president and state assistant minister of sports and agriculture, died on Feb 24.

PRS president Datuk Dr James Masing had last week submitted one name to the Barisan leadership for consideration.

The name was widely speculated to be that of senior agriculture officer Malcolm Mossen Lamoh.

Nomination for the by-election is on March 29 and polling on April 7.

In the 2006 state election, Unting defeated Nicholas Bawin Anggat, who stood on a Sarawak National Party (SNAP) ticket, by 806 votes in a straight fight.

Bawin, who is now Sarawak PKR deputy liaison committee chairman, is one of two front-runners for the Opposition candidacy. The other is former Lubok Antu MP Jawah Gerang.

The pass rate for the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) at SMK St Joseph has improved although the number of straight A scorers has decreased.

Its deputy principal Belinda Lim said that those who obtained four principal passes have increased to 42.37 per cent from 34 per cent the previous year.

“This year we only have three 4As scorers as compared to the previous year when we had five. On the other hand, the number of students who passed all papers has increased. This year we have 50 students who achieved it out of 118 students who sat for the examination,” said Lim when met at the school yesterday.

Top scorer Gerald Sim who obtained 2As and 2A- aims to serve the people by applying to study medicine.

“After collecting my results today, I plan to try to apply into local universities majoring in medicine. My targeted institutions include Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Malaya and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas),” said Sim.

Sim, the middle child of three, plans to be the first doctor in his family, unlike his father who is an engineer and his brother who is studying accounting. He is also the first one to go to Form Six.

On his recipe for success, Sim said that he studied at least two hours a day from right after entering Lower Six. He said he was very happy and satisfied with his results.

Another top scorer, Jacob Su, was surprised that he obtained A in all subjects including physics and General Knowledge.

He named the National University of Singapore and several local public institutions as his choices in which to continue his studies. He plans to take up electrical engineering.

The fourth child in a family of five siblings said group study was the best way to obtain excellent results, while being calm and cool during examination helped to keep him focused.

Another student who scored four As is Pauline Liaw while two others, Darren Chin and Aida Adilla, scored 3As.

Meanwhile, another top scorer from SMK St Thomas, Fiona Liew Chee Wei, revealed that her success came from studying very hard especially the last few weeks before examination.

“I prepared my revision rather last minute sort of. I really stayed up late in the last few weeks before the examination,” she said when met at the school yesterday.

Asked whether the result was what she expected, Liew said she was confident that she could score 3As, pointing out however, that she was less certain about scoring high marks for Mathematics.

“I wanted this result (4As). But I was not confident with Mathematics after the examination. I thought it was difficult,” she pointed out.

Currently a temporary teacher at the school, Liew scored A in General Knowledge, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. She said she would study medicine in university and hopes to be a doctor.

Liew was one of the two students in SMB St Thomas who scored Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.00. The other student was Phang Nyuk Choo.

Phang who came to the school to collect her result slip, said she was happy with her result and thanked her family for their support.

She said the secret of success was time management. “It is essential to manage our time wisely,” she stressed.

She scored A in General Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. She said she would apply for courses related to Physics or Mathematics at a local university.

Another student, Pui Chai Fuen, who wished to further her study in either engineering or information technology, said she spent around six hours a day for revision. The girl who lives in Matang Jaya here scored A in General Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

“I normally studied six hours a day. After finishing my revision and assessment exercises, I’d watch TV to relax my mind,” she said.

Another top scorer, Tang Chew Yong, said she felt disappointed with her result as she was expecting to score four As but managed only one A and three A- instead.

She scored A for General Knowledge and A- in Literature in English, Business Study and History.

Tang, currently a temporary teacher in SMK Kuching High here, wished to further her studies in education. Tang thanked her teachers for her success, saying: “I did not attend any tuition class. Besides studying by myself, my teachers had helped me a lot.”

Whenever she felt stressed, she would pray to release her tension, she said.

The Borneo Post was unable to get the overall result of SMB St Thomas as the school was still compiling its statistics.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Croc attack

Pak Junoh - use.JPG

Pak Junoh

Fariza bin go.jpg

Fariza bin Gom holding Pak Junoh’s hat which was found by the rescue team.

Three colleagues watched in horror as a crocodile stealthily swam towards their foreman, grabbed him by the stomach, and dragged him into the placid water of Demak Laut river yesterday.

In the 11.00 am incident, Pak Junoh, a 43-year-old foreman of a sawmill nearby, was fishing with Fariza bin Gom, 31, from Samarahan, Jamadi bin Radat, 20, from Kuching and Sarizak, 18, from Sibuyau when he was attacked.

Relating the ordeal, Fariza, who was in the water with Junoh, said he was even further from the river bank than Junoh when the crocodile attacked.
“Both of us were casting our nets while Jamadi and Sarizak were waiting near the river bank to bring the catch in.

“After the crocodile grabbed Junoh it disappeared, and a moment later, it re-appeared with the latter’s leg flapping in the air. All of us immediately screamed for help,” said Fariza.
Police and 999 were alerted and they arrived promptly to conduct a search for the victim.
Fariza said that because of the economic downturn, his colleagues and he used to do some fishing at Demak Laut river to earn side income.

Junoh’s wife, Ramliebi, 42, who was picking “paku” (jungle fern) near the barrack where they are staying when the incident happened.

The couple have four children aged 21, 18, 13 and 5 years. Two of their children are staying in Pontianak and the other two are with the parents.

At press time, Junoh’s remains were still at large. The search and rescue party has thus far found a hat belonging to Junoh. Fariza said Junoh was wearing a white shirt, blue trousers and a pair of yellow boots at the time of the attack.

HALAL eateries in Sarawak

Here’s a list of HALAL eateries in Sarawak that we got from Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak’s website. For full and updated list, do click on the link. You can also get to see what they serve in the eatery.

However, we noticed that some of the eateries that we saw with the HALAL certificate displayed aren’t listed in the website. You can always contact Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak to confirm as they might have not updated the list in the website, only do so once in a blue moon.

We had visited some of them, you can try to make a search to see whether we’ve been to those places already or not. If you can’t find anything, it means we haven’t go there yet. Hopefully this little list will help you in finding out which place in Kuching or other parts of Sarawak are Halal so that you can enjoy the food without much worries.


  • BABA GANOUSH, Kuching
    Yoshi Square Parcel A2-1, A3-1, Lot 67, Section 66,
    KTLD, Jalan Pending Industrial Estate, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak.
    Tel :082-481121
    Fax :082-481121
    Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman, Petra Jaya, 93764 Kuching, Sarawak
    Tel :082-440055
    Fax :082-442600
  • THANK FOOD SDN BHD (601772-K), Kuching
    Kelab Golf Sarawak,
    Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching
    Tel :082-311878
    Fax :082-311128
  • TEN PIN CAFÉ, Kuching
    5th Floor, Riverside Shopping Complex,
    Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Kuching,
    Tel :082-256063
    Fax :082-256063
    Lot 5205, Ground Floor, Sublot 7, Bangunan Shahnur, Jalan Astana, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak.
    Tel :019-8860373
    Fax :082-647484
    Sublot 3-4, Ground Floor, Lot 9683, Block 11, MTLD, Tabuan Stutong Commercial Centre, Phase II, Jalan Setia Raja, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.
    Tel :082-367776
    Fax :082-368881
  • PITA’S FOOD STALL, Kuching
    No.9, Level 3, Tun Jugah, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
    Tel :012-8891168
    Lot 1229-1231, [1st Floor], Jln Batu Kinyang, 93200 Kuching,Sarawak
    Tel :082-241575
    Fax :082-255261
  • TIM’S STEAK [STALL NO 20], Kuching
    Top Spot, Taman Kereta, Jln Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Kuching
    Tel :012-8861113
    No 12, Block B, King’s Centre
    Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93150 Kuching, Sarawak
    Tel :082 576910
    Fax : 082 253661
    Grd Flr 1, Lot 187, Section 47, Jln Song Thian Cheok, 93100 Kuching.
    Tel :082-257933
    Fax :082-257933
    No. 12, Blok B, King’s Centre, Jln Simpang Tiga, 93050 Kuching
    Tel :082-576910
    Fax :082-576910
  • ABC SEAFOOD [STALL NO 10,11 & 12], Kuching
    Top Spot, Taman Kereta, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100Kuching, Sarawak
    Tel :019-8885940
    Lot 7488-7489, 1st Floor, Block 16, Taman Timberland, 3rd Mile, Jalan Rock, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak.
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233191
    Lot 176-177, Jln Song Thian Cheok, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233191
    Lot 149-150, Jln Rubber, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233191
    Lot 476-477, Jln Rubber 93200 Kuching, Sarawak
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233191
    Lot 217-218, Jln Kulas 93400 Kuching, Sarawak
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233191
    CC 109, C2-G-27[C], MJC Batu Kawa New Township, 93250 Kuching,Sarawak
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233800
    Grd Flr, Lot 6809, Jln Matang Jaya Commercial Centre, 93050Kuching, Sarawak
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233800


  • J & J CAFETERIA [KOTA SAMARAHAN], Kota Samarahan
    Sublot No. 28 & 29, Ground Floor, Phase 17, Desa Ilmu, Jalan DAtuk Mohd. Musa, 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak.
    Tel :082-865666
    Fax :082-368881


    30, Grd Flr, Lane 1, Jln Brooke Drive, 96000 Sibu Sarawak
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233800
    58, Jln Kampung Nyabor, Tanah Mas 96000 Sibu Sarawak
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233800
    No. 49, Lorong Salim 17,
    96000, Sibu, Sarawak
    Tel :084-212499


    No. 6, Grd Floor, Lorong 3, Jalan Jubli Mutiara, 96100 Sarikei, Sarawak
    Tel :084-655369


    Shoplot ‘D’, Lot 334, Jalan Airport,GF, Bangunan Hotel Maligai, Peti Surat 129, 96807 Kapit, Sarawak
    Tel :084-796119
    Fax :084-796119


    G 9, Soon Hup Tower, Jln Maju, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
    Tel :082-233822
    Fax :082-233800
    Lot GL 06, Grd Flr, Public Concourse, Terminal Miri Airport, 98000Miri, Sarawak
    Tel :085-614315
    Fax :085-615315
    Lot 843 & 844 Ground Floor, Jalan Merpati 98000 Miri
    Tel :085-424382
    Fax :085-414424


  • OLD TOWN CAFE, Mukah
    No.36,1st Floor Jalan Lintang,
    96400 Mukah, Sarawak
    Tel :019-8898806
    Fax :084-871781
    Email :


    No. 98, Medan Jaya Commercial Centre, 97000 Bintulu
    Tel :086 336822
    Fax :086 951182

The Best Food Place in Kuching

Kuching 'kolo mee' or 'koh-loh mein' (egg noodles, flash-boiled and then served with sliced roast pork), Kuching Laksa (a spicy curry soup base served with rice vermicelli) and Tomato Mee (crispy noodles served with tomato sauce, vegetables, and meat) are the most famous hawker dishes served. Perhaps infamous would be a better term, as non-Kuching residents often fail to see what the fuss is all about.

Food Centres: These are the most popular eating-places amongst locals. There is always a wide selection of value-for-money stalls and you can select food from as many as you like. If you are not familiar with a dish, just be adventurous and try it. Nine times out of ten you will be delighted, and if you don’t like it, nobody will be offended.

Chinese Food Centre: Jln Carpenter (opposite temple). A range of Chinese food stalls. One stall sells excellent fish balls and prawn balls (afternoon only). Another stall sells superb fish and prawn soup from late afternoon until late at night.

Kubah Ria: (across the river near suspension bridge). A bit difficult to get to unless you have transport. If you can make it, try the delicious Sop Kambing (mutton soup) at Doreen Abdullah’s, served with noodles, rice or crusty French bread.

Top Spot Food Court: Jln Bukit Mata Kuching. A wide range of food stalls set in landscaped surroundings on the breezy top floor of a car park. Choices include Malay curries, Malay and Chinese seafood, claypot dishes, satay, and even steaks. Unusual and very popular.

Satok Bridge

: (on river front below Satok bridge). Excellent barbecued chicken and seafood.

A good place to hang out

FOR live soccer matches, a game of pool, live music, and a selection of easy and good grub to go with, the Rainforest Sports Bar may be a place to check out.

Located at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, the bistro has a trendy, hip feel with two pool tables, a projector screen and 12 television sets to cater to sports fans, a dart corner, as well as a deejay console and a small stage for live bands.

As for the lower level it is furnished like a lounge, perfect for a cigar and wine session.

Popular: The Rainforest Fried Rice topped with an egg.

The outlet, which is part of the Rotol Food-Chain (a subsidiary of Rotol Group of Companies) was opened last April.

Rotol Food-Chain general operations manager Anil Sharma said the food served here are mainly western and local, and is popular for its sizzling dishes of lamb or chicken.

A selection of wholesome main courses are also available, making for a real meal.

For this month and March, the outlet is one of the UOB Hotpicks for the month.

Juicy: The Barbecued Pineapple Chicken is surprisingly juicy and tender and is one of the UOB promotional items of the outlet.

UOB cardmembers are entitled to a 50% discount when they order any of the 10 selected items, ranging from appetisers to main courses and desserts.

First on the list was the Mix Combo Platter, which comprises fried items like potato cheese ball, fish cake, vegetarian spring rolls, and prawn fritters, served with Thai chilli and mayonnaise sauce.

A recommended item is the Sizzling Fajitas (choice of beef or chicken). It is served with tortilla wraps and sides like chopped greens and cheese.

We were also served the vegetarian version, that came with different coloured bell peppers. It came sizzling and fragrant while its gravy was somewhat like bolognaise sauce which made perfect pairing.

Thai twist: The Tropical Jungle Curry Pizza that uses Thai green curry paste.

A popular dish with guests is the Rainforest Fried Rice.

"A lot of guests like having rice and when they see that it comes with the piece of chicken, they see value-for-money," Anil said.

The BBQ Pineapple Chicken was a favourite with many of us as the meat was juicy and tender.

Anil said the chicken was roasted in a special combi oven, which releases both heat and moisture that ensured the meat remained moist and tender.

Also on the list was the Tropical Jungle Curry Pizza, which interestingly uses Thai green curry paste and tasted rather spicy, so make sure you indicate to the staff your preferred level of spiciness.

A good start: The Mix Combo Platter with its assorted fried items makes for a good starter.

The dessert was Mango Pudding, topped with fruit cubes, which was smooth in texture and not too sweet.

Anil said all food served were MSG free and cooked using low-cholesterol oil, to promote healthy eating.

The in-house DJ spins every night from 8pm onwards, while the live band performs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 9pm onwards.

For Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, a solo artiste will perform live.

The outlet also provides for catering services for birthdays and weddings.

> RAINFOREST SPORTS BAR, Lot C4.07, Level 4 Connection, Pavilion KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang. (Tel: 03-2163 0163). Business hours:

Avoid conflicts, Muslims told

Muslims should avoid conflicts with each other so that they will become good examples for the followers of other religions, said Mukah Member of Parliament, Dato Sri Dr Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad.

He said this while officiating at the Maulidur Rasul Celebration organised by Dalat/Mukah District Council (MDDM) at Pehin Setia Raja Square here yesteray.

Dr Muhammad added that the history had proven that the civilisation of a race would not last long if the people were not united and always at loggerheads with one another.


Muhammad (sixth from right) and others leading the Mukah Maulidur Rasul procession at Pehin Setia Raja Square on Monday.

“A nation will not become strong and progress if the people and leaders are not united.

“In Islam, wahdatul ummah (unity among ummahs) is very important and must be given special attention. Hence, we find a lot of sentences (ayat) in the Al-Quran and Al-Hadis which urge the ummah to be united and to avoid any division,” he said.

Good Ummah

“Our government, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has targeted to make Muslims good ummah,” he added.

Meanwhile, MDDM Walikota, Ali SuhailI, who also spoke at the event, thanked all those involved in making the occasion meaningful.

He said the celebration was not only to commemorate the birth of the prophet but also his achievement as a great leader.

Muhammad then led more than 3,000 Muslims from 48 contingents on a 2.4 km procession from the square to the Setia Raja Mosque.

Also present were Mukah District Officer, Mohamad Nawawi, MDDM Secretary, Gustian Haji Durani, Mukah Division Imam, Uztaz Mohd. Fauzi Khairani, Mukah Division Public Works Department Divisional Engineer, Hipani Haji Alwi, Mukah Divisional Health Officer, Dr. Haji Othman Rafaiee and Mukah Combined Education Department Officer, Abdul Wahab Haji Sapawi.

Parents urged to report drug cases

If parents come across their children getting hooked on drugs, they must immediately report to the National Anti-Drugs Agency (AADK).

Head of National Anti-Drugs Agency (AADK) District Office Eva Anak Lichok said that some parents did not seek help until it was too late to save the children.

“AADK District office at Jalan Ong Kee Hui will always welcome the public seeking help to overcome the drug problem among youths,” she said, advising parents to refer their children to the agency for urine tests if they suspected that their children were on drugs.

“The agency has a programme where all the patients under monitor must report to AADK District Office weekly until they are free from the influence of drugs.

“Besides monitoring drug addicts, the agency also works with the Education Department to hold talks and seminars for students to warn them of the dangers of drug taking,” Eva said, adding that AADK statistics showed in 2005, out of the 669 cases referred to the agency, 71 were females.

“In 2006, 712 cases (79 females) were referred to the agency and in 2007 and 184 cases (17 females),” Eva added.

Joint efforts for longhouse projects

Minister of Housing, Datuk Amar Abang Johari bin Tun Abang Haji Openg, said his Ministry will work with the Federal Ministry of Rural and Regional Development in implementing longhouse projects in the state.

Under the federal government hardcore poverty eradication programme, he said the Ministry of Rural and Regional Develoopment had requested the Ministry of Housing to help build not only PPRT houses (Housing Programme for the Hardcore Poor) but also longhouses.

“Because Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has the experience in implementing longhouse project with standard design, the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development has requested my Ministry to assist in implementing the development of these longhouse projects,” he said when asked to comment on the federal government’s allocation of RM102 million for building houses and longhouses in Sarawak.

Rural and Regional Development Minister, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib, in a statement in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday, said that the federal government had allocated RM202 million on projects to build 5,050 houses and longhouses for hardcore poor families in Sabah and Sarawak.

He said of the allocation, RM102 million would be used for 2,550 houses in Sarawak, while the remainder RM100 million for 2,500 houses in Sabah under the housing aid programme (PBR).

“The projects will include 145 longhouses worth RM6.38 million at Sedeku Baru and Batang Lupar and eight longhouses worth RM6.4 million at Limbang, Miri, Bintulu, Kapit, Mukah, Sarikei, Betong and Sri Aman, destroyed in a fire recently,” he was quoted in the statement.
Muhammad Muhd Taib said his Ministry would discuss with the Sarawak Public Works and Housing Development Corporation on the standard plan for longhouses.
Commenting on the RM102 million allocation from the federal govern ment, Johari said,”It is good. We are very thankful because now we can assist the poor community especially the community in the rural areas.”

“Actually, we want to build modern longhouses. The longhouse to be built will be according to standard design so that they will not be destroyed by fire again. Secondly, we want to build longhouses that are comfortable for the dwellers,” he said.

“That is why the Chief Minister has directed my Ministry, the Ministry of Planning and Resource Management and also Majlis Adat Istiadat to hold a seminar about the new concept of longhouses and eventually will also be related to issuance of title to the owners.

“This is a new concept and need to be debated and discussed among Dayak community leaders and also with the Land and Survey Department,” he said.

As to when the seminar will be held, he said it would be within these few months.
“We are still in the process of planning it. It will involve the Ministry of Planning and Resource Management, the Ministry and Majlis Adat Istiadat, he said, when interviewed by reporters at the opening of Kafe Riang at Lot 5, Sukma Commercial Centre, Jalan Sultan Tengah here Sunday night.

Kafe Riang’s owner Mohd Shukri said the outlet started operation in January this year. “It is based on the concept of partnership where spaces are allocated to stall holder to operate.”
He disclosed at present there were seven stalls selling Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ayam Salad, Nasi Ayam Penyet, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Laksa Inot, Mee Jawa, Mee Sapi and other types of food.

According to him, there is also plan to operate satay and ‘ayam pagang’ stalls at night.
Johari congratulated Mohd Shukri for venturing out to set up the business.
He said more members of the Bumiputera community should venture into business.

SKF to conduct free blood tests

The Sibu Kidney Foundation (SKF) here will be organising free blood pressure checking from 11.00 am to 4.30 pm on March 15 at Delta Mall Shopping Centre.

This blood test would be on a first-come-first-served basis as it would only accept 200 persons only for uric acid test and 100 persons for blood glucose test.

The event would be held in conjunction with its exhibition day.
There would also be a poster exhibition on what is renal failure, its causes, the type of treatment available for end stage renal failure available in the country and how to prevent renal failure.

The exhibition would also include different types of recycling programmes the people could undertake in helping to save the earth from global warming.

Meanwhile, it would also hold an Electro Somato (ESG) body scan. The scan could be done in only four minutes and the result would be available instantly.

The normal price is RM200 but on that day the foundation is only charging RM120. Besides that, the participants would also be given a RM20 voucher for future scan.

All monies collected on that day would donated to the foundation for its running cost.

Full booking for river cruise

Booking for the RV Orient Pandaw Rajang River Cruise is already full for this year and beyond the expectation of the company, the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company.
The founder of Pandaw Cruises, Paul Strachan, in an email to Eastern Times yesterday, said although the Pandaw Cruise would only start in July, bookings for the upcoming cruise was already full.

He said response was that overwhelming due to the active selling of the cruise by company to their long established list of clients who had experienced such cruise in Vietnam and Cambodia.

“It seems that hundreds of our old passengers are just waiting for a really exciting new product like this to come along,” he said, adding that Pandaw Cruise was also actively promoting stop-over in the state capital of Kuching and other towns in Sarawak to be added to the Rejang river cruise.

The cruise would be Malaysia’s first luxurious cruise when the Pandaw Cruise began operation in July this year.

Operated by on the RV Orient Pandaw, a ship that is a replica of the old colonial river steamer, this cruise will sail along the Rejang River.
The RV Orient, with 30 staterooms, will make a nine-day voyage along the Rejang which is adorned with picturesque scenery provided by the lush rainforest and longhouses by the riverbank.

The founder of Pandaw Cruises ,Paul Strachan, described the journey as a rich eco paradise and this is a true reflection of Sarawak’s new destination tagline “Sarawak-the paradise within”.

Starting from Sibu,the cruise will sail up-river to smaller towns of Kanowit and Kapit before turning into Rejang River’s main tributary of Balleh and heading towards the Pelagus Rapid.
From Pelagus, the cruise will return downstream to the town of Song and continue on to Sarikei and Tanjung Manis towns before returning to Sibu.

Apart from stopping and enjoying the rustic attractions in Sibu, Kanowit, Song, Kapit, Sarikei and Tanjung Manis, passengers can also take a smaller boat to visit the longhouses and enjoy the hospitality of the Iban community living along the river.

Steeped in tradition, the Ibans are known for their friendliness and rich cultural heritage. Other activities that passengers can do during the cruise include jungle trekking and visit to farmland where fruits, rice and pepper are grown. For the adventurous ones, they can also go shooting the rapid. Sibu is accessible by direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching provided by Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia.

The flight from Kuching to Sibu only takes an hour and Kuching being the main gateway to Sarawak, is also connected by direct flight from Brunei, Jakarta, Pontianak, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu.

These flights are currently operated by Malaysia Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Air Asia, Tiger Airways and Batavia air. In March Kuching will see another airline, Jetstar Asia, making a direct flight into the city from Singapore.

Help revive glorious era of Islam

Muslims are urged to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to upgrade themselves while helping to revive the glorious era of Islam.

Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud said Islamic teachings could produce strong and high quality Muslims in future.

“Emphasis on knowledge as the cornerstone of progress and strength, as taught in the Al-Quran, is as relevant and essential in present times as in a past civilisation that the world looked up to for advances and leadership in many fields” added Taib.


Salahuddin (right), accompanied by (from left) Daud, Awang Tengah and others, leading the procession in Bintulu.

He stated this at a mass gathering held at the Civic Centre here yesterday morning in conjunction with the state-level Maulidur Rasul (Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday) celebration here.

His text of speech was read by Second Resource Planning and Management Minister and Public Utilities Minister, Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah Ali Hasan.

As such, Taib said they should be smart and work diligently to grab every opportunity made

“Only those who can identify their weaknesses and redress them in the efforts to revive the glorious days of Islam will be able to prove that they are the best and the chosen

Taib pointed out that this called for revival of the basic, as taught in the Al-Quran, to pursue knowledge and excellence which were the past foundations of success, as spelt out in the teaching of Islam which called for determination and commitment to progress.
He added that Prophet Muhammad’s exemplary leadership and teachings emcompassed all the values of Islam which united people and factions while emphasising unity, justice and progress based on knowledge in all fields.

Main asset

“Consolidation and unity are still the main asset. In the context of Malaysia, various agenda and programmes have been drafted to overcome the various problems affecting the ummah and the multi-religious society,” remarked Taib.

Earlier, Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs), Datuk Haji Daud Abdul Rahman exhorted the Muslims to cooperate among themselves and work closely with other non-Muslim communities for greater progress, unity and harmony.
He said the teachings of Islam should spur the Muslims to live exemplary lives and become role models for others since Islam was one of the main religions in the world.

Later, the Yang di-Pertua Negeri, Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Muhammad Salahuddin and wife, Toh Puan Datuk Patinggi Hajjah Norkiah, Tengah and wife, Datin Amar Dayang Mordiah binti Datuk Haji Awang Daud, Daud and other dignitaries led the procession around Bintulu Town which started and ended at the Civic Open Field. It covered a distance of 3.5 kilometres.

An estimated 10,000 p articipants from 113 contingents from various government departments and agencies, private sector, statutory bodies, corporate bodies, mosques, suraus, clubs, associations, learning institutions and hadrah groups took part in the procession.

Among those present were Assistant Environment Minister, Dr Abang Rauf Abang Zain, State Secretary Datuk Amar Wilson Baya, Sarawak Islamic Council, Datuk Haji Putit Martzen, State Director of JAIS, Datu Misnu, Jepak State Assemblyman, Datuk Haji Talip Zulpilip and Kemena State Assemblyman, Dr Stephen Rundi anak Utom.

Men and women equal

Larry Sng, Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Economic Planning) cum Assistant Minister of Industrial Development (Planning), said since the United Nations’ declaration of rights for women many years ago the lot of women in society had progressed much to catch on equality in comparison to the status of men.

“In the past, many years ago in the history, women were being discriminated and their roles were confined to merely family upbringing and in the kitchen. Today, their social status is on par with men as the society progress. Like their male counterparts, they too are playing prominent roles in society as they were also armed with the relevant knowledge and skills,” said Larry while speaking at the World Women Day Celebration last Saturday evening held at Chong Seng Food Court which was attended by some 150 guests.

The function was jointly organised by women from six bodies, namely, SUPP, Foochow Association, Chiang Chuang Association, Tai Chi Association, Lions Club and Kapit Chinese Women (KCWA) Association’s women’s wings respectively. Also taking part in the celebration were the Women Institute of Kampung Baru and OUNA (Orang Ulu National Association).

Kp9-3 Women Day.jpg

HAPPY WOMEN DAY … Larry (6th left) with the women members here to celebrate the occasion of World Women Day celebration.

“Some countries have recognised women rights better than Western countries; for example, China and Russia have declared women day as public holiday. I think this is quite a good move because they recognised the important the role played by women in the society.

“Our government also make sure that every ethnic group celebrates their festive seasons as Gawai Dayak, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year. We cater for every ethnic groups,” said Larry.
“We appreciate women’s effort just like tonight we feel very proud able to show the women of Kapit working together despite coming from different ethnic backgrounds. When everyone is great I am great also,” he said.

Larry also reminded the people of Kapit to be united and work together to bring progress to the community.

He added that Pusat Khidmat Pelagus (NADI) last year successfully organised a course on ‘Gender Against Violence’.

“It was a success and we will continue to organise more courses to be participated by women this year,” he assured.

Meanwhile, Organising Chairperson, Ma Bee Kuan, who also spoke at the function, said the theme of the celebration this year was, “Men and Women Together Against Violence”.
She said the celebration was not merely eating and merry making but “more importantly, we are able to work together, to motivate one another and train ourselves to enhance our knowledge and capacity to serve the community to the best of our ability”.

“It is not just fellowship and gathering but I urged the women to stand up to do something together not just for our family but the society and the country at large,” she said.

Those present at the function were the Chairlady of Kapit Chinese Women Association, Wong Ke Ing , the Chairladies of Foochow Women Wing Association, Tie Weng Fong , Hu Le He (Tai Chi), Moonly Tiang (Lions Club), Evely Biju (SIDS) and Jenny Yu (SUPP) respectively.
Among the invited guests were administrative officer-in-charge of social development at Kapit resident Office, Yii See Yong, ex-Temenggong Sng Chee Eng, Kapitan Micky Ngu, Kapitan Yong Thu Fook, Chairman United Chinese Association, Yong Hua Sying, Chairman Foochow Association, Liew Siong Swee, Chairman Chiang chuan Association, Yeo kim Teck and Chairlady of the Women Wing of Kwang Tung Association, Lee Kung Chen.

Open hall for Kpg Sebarang

A RM200,000 open hall will be constructed at the existing parking space of Dewan Serbaguna, Kampung Sebarang here.

Tanjong Manis Member of Parliament, Hajjah Norah binte Tun Abdul Rahman said the hall, which would be built with federal funds, could be used by the people to host outdoor social, welfare and recreational activities.

She stated this at the closing of the two-day “Bacaan Rawi Dewasa” and Hafazan Al-Quran championship at Dewan Sebanguna on Sunday night.

Urging Muslim to remain united, she reminded them to provide proper guidance and advice to the new converts.

Earlier, she congratulated the participants for taking part in the “Bacaan Rawi Dewasa” and Hafazan Al-Quran championship. She later handed over the prizes to the winners of the Rawi male category.

Materang Wasli was the champion while Mohd. Hassan Mahdi came second and Haji Hanikal bin Mudin was third.

For the Rawi female category, the winners were Sharifah binte Fatimah (first), Siot bte Toi (second) and Jamaiyah binte Ahmad (third).

In the boys’ Hafazan Al-Quran event, Mohd Aiman Syazuan bin Abdul Gani emerged champion while Abdul Aziz Ramadhari bin Mustajab came second and Mohd. Abdul Aiman bin Mohd Shadat was third.

The winners of the girls’ Hafazan Al-Quran were Nur Syazwa binte Shamsol (first), Nurin Zahida Alhikmah Narzaruddin (second) and Amirah Shafa (third).

Sarikei District Officer cum Organising Chairman, Abang Mohd Porkan bin Abang Budiman and a former Temenggong, Abdul Gani bin Suhaili were among the dignitaries present at the ceremony.

Debt collectors shot

Two youth who went to a house at Kim Chu Sin Road, Batu Kawa, to collect debts yesterday ended up with over 60 pellet wounds on their bodies and hands.
Their wounds were inflicted by a 52-year-old man who fired two shots at them when they came a calling at about 7.00 am.

When contacted, Sarawak Head of Crime Investigation Department, SAC 11 Huzir bin Mohamad, confirmed that a man had been arrested for firing at two youth.

“The duo had gone there to collect debts and we are now investigating what sort of debts,” he said.

one of the inju.jpg

Police seized a shotgun and a box of cartridges from the house. It is understood that the shotgun was not licensed to the man who fired the shot.

“People should not take the law into their own hands. Even if there are people coming to your house to cause nuisance, you should lodge a police report, not shoot at them,” Huzir said.

According to the house owner, the duo had come a week ago and hurled a bottle into his house.

He claimed that when they showed up again yesterday, they broke his window panes with a brick. It was then that he rushed out and fired two shots at them from a distance.
Meanwhile, the two youth, both aged 23 years, had lodged police reports.

One of them, from Stutong Baru, claimed that he did not know what his friend was up to. When they were having breakfast, his friend received a call. He (friend) then asked him to accompany him to collect money from a “friend”.

The purportedly ignorant victim ended up with over 20 pellets on both his hands and back.
The other youth, from Foochow Road, claimed that the house owner’s son had called him to collect money at about 7.30 am.

He said the two went there and called out the house owner’s son for more than 10 times, but nobody showed up.

As they were about to drive off, the house owner came out, opened the back door of their car and shot them at close range. Both victims have been warded at the hospital.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ten species of fish collected during surveys in the Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary could be new to science.

“Still unidentified, they are potential new species,” said Sarawak Museum curator of natural history Dr Charles Leh.

“These are smaller species which have aquarium value but no commercial value,” he added when asked after presenting his findings on a survey of the fishes in Lanjak Entimau during last year’s scientific expedition at Grand Margherita Hotel here.

He said funds were needed to study the unidentified fish as checks had to be carried out with the original description of the fish specimens in Holland and America.

Leh said the sole new fish species in Lanjak Entimau, which had been described was gastromyzoli katibassenis. It was named after the sanctuary in 2003.

“About 4,000 specimens consisting of 83 species were collected during the two-month survey. Only 10% of these are endemic to Borneo,” he added.

He said many of these fish species were similar to those found in the peninsula and Sumatera, Indonesia. Leh said the studies revealed that in logged-over forest in the sanctuary, the fish diversity had decreased.

However, he said shifting cultivation did not kill the fish as farmers did not use pesticides or chemicals for their crops.

No rigid rules during disaster

Government officers were reminded not to be bureaucratic in responding to crisis situations such as floods.

Deputy State Secretary (Human Resources) Datuk Abdul Ghafur Shariff said that normal procedures such as filling out forms could not be followed in times of crisis.

“There are two levels of operation. One is crisis situation and the other is normal. In normal circumstances you follow the rules but you cannot always do this when a crisis comes.

“For example, when giving out provisions to flood victims, you cannot bring the forms and ask them to fill it first. This is being too bureaucratic,” he said.

Ghafur said the civil service coped quite well with the recent floods in Sarawak apart from one or two instances where flood victims were reportedly asked to fill out forms before receiving provisions.

“We always try to do the best we can in any circumstances. If I go to the ground, I will impart this message to the officers not to be too bureaucratic in times of crisis,” he told reporters after opening a workshop on developing key performance indicators here.

The two-day workshop was organised by the human resource planning unit of the Chief Minister’s Department and the Centre for Modern Management.

On the state’s civil service, Ghafur said it would continue to recruit staff as and when vacancies arise.

“We are not stopping recruitment this year,” he said, adding that there was currently no shortage of staff.

Sarawak has 13,000 civil servants and a further 5,000-7,000 in statutory bodies, government-linked companies and local authorities.

Going without food for a good cause

World Vision Malaysia is targeting 1,000 participants for its 30-Hour Famine event to be held here on March 21-22.

During the event, participants will go without food for 30 hours to raise funds for local and international organisations and programmes aimed at helping those in need.

They would begin their fast from noon on Saturday and end it at 6pm the following day at the Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre here. However, they would be allowed to drink water during their fast.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan will officiate the event, themed ‘You’ve Got the Power’.

Miss Malaysia 2007/8 and World Vision children’s rights advocate Deborah Henry and TV personality Owen Yap will be making an appearance at the event, while singers Francissca Peter and Danell Lee are expected to perform alongside local artistes.

World Vision Malaysia aims to raise RM300,000 from the event. The funds raised would be channelled to the Kuching Autistic Association, World Vision Hope Fund, World Vision Malaysia Children’s Development Fund and World Vision Capacity Building Fund.

Participation in the 30-Hour Famine is divided into two categories - students/senior citizens (55 years and above) and working adults.

Students and senior citizens are required to raise a minimum of RM80 and working adults RM120 each to participate. Non-participants are free to donate any amount towards the event.

For more information, go to or call 03-7880 6414.

REAPPOINTED: Bayoi (left) receives a plaque from Ali.

Newly appointed Samarahan District Councillors were yesterday told not to be ‘yes-men’.

“Do not practise a ‘yes-man’ attitude but instead you must voice out your opinion for the sake of the people,” said Muara Tuang assemblyman Dato Sri Mohd Ali Mahmud during the swearing-in ceremony for the new councillors.

Ali, who was representing Deputy Tourism Minister and Kota Samarahan Member of Parliament Dato Sri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib, also told the councillors to act as team and share knowledge with each other.

“The new faces and the old ones must work together to be the eyes and ears of the people. Listen to what the people have to say and work out the solutions together,” said Ali.

He said those who were not reappointed as councillors can still contribute and serve the people and the government in other ways.

“For those who were not reappointed, do not be disappointed. The reason for that is the newly appointed have both academic achievements and experience,” he said.

Ali added that while there is plenty more to be done, the council has done a lot over the years.

“The council, under the present government has achieved a lot especially in development and the people’s well-being,” said Ali.

He advised the people to be cautious of the tactics and tricks of the opposition to influence them.

“The opposition always makes wild accusations to blind the people, just to fish for votes. Their propaganda has always been about saying something and then doing something else.

“The government has given much development to the people and have a proven track record,” said Ali.

Twenty-six councillors, led by Kedup assemblyman Frederick Bayoi Manggi – who was re-appointed as Walikota Samarahan – were sworn in yesterday.

Eighteen are newly appointed councillors.

The Samarahan District councillors are Bayoi (chairman), assistant chairperson Maznah Mail and council members Jamayah Adeni, Zol Nono, Sepawi Samat, Benking Dakak, Belland Kantul, Edward Minggu, Liu Teck Kong, Dr Chew Kian Peng, Chin Vui Khun, Antan Kamis, Bostari Brahim, Daily Joseph, Awg Saperi Awg Lee, Bakar Suut, Semawi Sulong, Boniface Nyiek Mawin, Lawrence Juh Kar, Sandi Bael, Thomas Ong, Brandah Madi, Jackson Melintang Budit, Bujang Dillah, as well as Tegak Mat.

Also present at the ceremony was Asajaya assemblyman Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, who is chief political secretary to the Chief Minister.

LONG Sukang, a remote Lun Bawang village in Sarawak’s northern Lawas district, is set in a pristine valley overlooked by green mountains.

It is accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle on an unpaved timber road, about 90 minutes away from Lawas town.

Recently, the village played host to visitors from Samsung Malaysia, World Vision Malaysia and the media.

Natural setting: Villagers crossing a bridge leading to Long Sukang.

They were there to see a pre-school programme set up under World Vision’s Lawas Project, a beneficiary of the Samsung Hope charity initiative.

The visitors were received by a traditional bamboo band which played a medley of tunes on instruments made of bamboo.

Another musical ensemble playing the buluh gura, a bamboo instrument similar to the Indonesian angklung, welcomed the team into the community hall.

According to headman Balang Asi, Long Sukang has a population of about 400, the majority of whom are padi farmers.

“Our main source of income is selling rice, vegetables and fruits. We also raise buffaloes,” he said.

Welcoming: Children of Kampung Munchu waving hello to visitors.

He said the villagers travelled to Lawas to sell their rice and other produce and to buy essential items like salt and sugar.

“It is convenient that we can now go to Lawas by car. In the past, before the road was built, it took days of walking through the jungle to reach Lawas,” he recalled.

He added that there were flight services between Lawas and Long Sukang, with the aircraft landing on a grassy airstrip.

The flights were discontinued after the timber road was built sometime in the 1980s. The airstrip can still be seen today, a long green lawn at one end of the village.

On the pre-school programme, Balang welcomed it as it provided early education to young children of the village.

Awesome: Maktab Injil Malaysia students putting on a show of traditional Kayan culture for visitors.

“Before we had the pre-school classes, the children used to be very naughty.

“They would run here and there and not heed our calls.

“But now they are not so naughty. They can also read and write,” he said.

At Kampung Munchu, an ethnic Tagal village in Ulu Merapok about a 40-minute drive from Lawas, a similar pre-school has been set up by World Vision.

Simpson Tuie, a church pastor in the village, said it was the first school of any kind to be built in Kampung Munchu.

“Many children here don’t go to school because their parents can’t afford it. There are kindergartens and a primary school about 2.5km away but some parents cannot afford the transport costs.

“Now the children can attend the pre-school right here in the village, so it is a big help,” he said.

According to him, most of the villagers were rubber tappers and farmers, and were becoming more aware of the importance of education.

“We would like the children here to be able to read, at the very least. Since the pre-school was opened last year, some of them have learnt to do so and we are proud to see the progress they are making,” he added

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Important Contact When You In Miri

Emergency Operator 999
Fire & Rescue 994
Ambulance +60 85 420033
Police +60 85 433730(patrol), +60 85 433222(PoliceStation)/432533(PoliceHQ)
Miri General Hospital +60 85 420033
Polyclinic +60 85 412322
Miri City Medical Centre +60 85 426622
Columbia Asia Medical Centre +60 85 437755
Government Polyclinic +60 85 412322
Government Departments
Custom & Excise Department +60 85 433611, 433351
Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Department +60 85 412862, 436787
Health Department +60 85 424722, 429987
Immigration Department +60 85 442112
Sungai Tujuh Office +60 85 491659
Visa & Entry Permit Section +60 85 442104
Road Transport Department +60 85 611101, 613005
Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board +60 85 419876
Miri Civic Centre +60 85 417099, 417088
Miri Municipal Centre +60 85 433504, 433503
Social Welfare Department +60 85 419072, 419073
National Park & Wildlife Office +60 85 436637
Jabatan Kerja Raya(JKR) Miri +60 85 442244/442220(TrafficLight)/442226(Road)
District Office +60 85 433205
Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara +60 85 415411
Jabatan Pertahanan Awam +60 85 422726/433389
Labour Department Miri +60 85 419949/420195/425114
LAKU Water Board Miri +60 85 426626/436626
SESCO Miri +60 85 661111
Land & Survey +60 85 435925(Enforcement)
Miri City Council +60 85 424111
Royal Custom Malaysia +60 85 433611
Social Welfare Department +60 85 419072/419073
TALIKHIDMAT 082-555999
Police Department
Police Headquarter +60 85 432533, 433730
Miri Police Central Station +60 85 433222, 433677
Tourist Police +60 85 433177
Public Services
Miri Post Office +60 85 433423
Poslaju Miri (Express Post) +60 85 422388
Miri Kidney Dialysis Centre +60 85 436862
Miri Red Cresent Society +60 85 411121, 428033
Telecom Malaysia Berhad +60 85 424977
Gas Supply Miri +60 85 421423
Malaysia Red Crescent ( Miri Chapter ) +60 85 411121/428032
National Park Office +60 85 433611
Park & Wildlife Miri +60 85 436637
Resident Office +60 85 433203
Transport Services
Hornbill Skyways +60 85 611066
Air Asia +60 85 438022, 429677
MAS: Reservation 1300 883000
Airport Office +60 85 614144
Flight Information +60 85 615433
Malaysia Airlines(MAS) HQ office 1-300-88-3000
Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Miri City office +60 85 414144
Airport Information +60 85 615433
Airport VIC +60 85 615181
Visitor Info Miri +60 85 434180/615181(AirportMiri)
Taxi Station 085-431000/013-838100(24 hours)
Bus Station +60 85 433423
Miri Transport Co. Sdn. Bhd. +60 85 433425, 423726
Miri City Bus Sdn. Bhd. +60 85 432599
Miri Belait Transport Co. Bhd. +60 85 419129
Express Bus Station
Bus Express (S) Sdn. Bhd. +60 85 430396
Bus Suria Sdn. Bhd. +60 85 430416
Biaramas Express Sdn. Bhd. +60 85 434319, 321318
Borneo Amalgamated Transport Co. Bhd. +60 85 430420
Lanang Road Bus Co. Bhd. +60 85 433116
Freesia Express Sdn. Bhd. +60 85 433898
Perhubungan Besar Bas Express Sdn. Bhd. +60 85 435816
Information Centres
Visitors' Information Centre Miri +60 85 434180
Visitors' Information Counter Miri Airport +60 85 615181

Travel Tips - Miri

Climate & Weather

travel_tips-01.jpgMiri's proximity to the equator and hence has a tropical climate. Miri does not have four seasons. Temparute is fairly constant, averaging between 22-33 C (72-93 F) all year round. However, it may get quite cool up in mountains such as Mulu.

The climate is monsoonal, and there is a wet season (called Landas - an Iban term) between November and February, when there is higher and more constant rainfall. This can make hiking difficult and possibly uncomfortable, particularly if climbing is involved. Flooding can also occur during the wet season, making it hard to access some areas; and it can be difficult to reach Bako and Tanjung Datu National Parks (which require boat trips) because the seas become choppy. The wet season is most pronounced on the coastal areas.

To check the current weather, visit the Malaysian Bureau of Meteorology website, which provides weather conditions and forecasts for major cities - and several national parks as well.

Humidity & Time Zone

travel_tips-02.jpgHumidity is high (usually around 80%), and there is high rainfall all year round - although this usually comes in short, heavy bursts of an hour or so during the afternoon - it can be clear and sunny the rest of the day! The Kuching region tends to have higher annual rainfall than the areas around Miri.

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +8

When best visit?
travel_tips-03.jpgThe best times of year for trekking are therefore March to August and October - November (there may be problems with haze from forest fires and clearing in Kalimantan during August-September).

How to get here?

By Air
travel_tips-04.jpgMiri modern airport, capable of handling A330 Airbuses, Boeing 737s and 747s, is well served with flights to many domestic and international destinations soon. There are 3 major airlines which service Sarawak are the national carrier MAS, and a discount airline, Air Asia. Flight flies direct to Miri from Kuala Lumpur, Johore Baru (just across the border from Singapore, and cheaper because it is a domestic flight), and from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. By Using Brunei Airlines(Which is about two hours drive to Miri), also has direct flights from Perth in Shanghai, Manila, Darwin, Brisbane (->Aucland), Sydeny, Perth, Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Singapore, Sharjah(->Jeddah), Dubai(->London), Bangkok(->Frankfurt) & Hong Kong. Royal Brunei often has some special deals. Airport tax is charged upon departure and costs RM5 for domestic flights and RM40 for international flights.

Please refer to the MAS, Air Asia and Royal Brunei Airlines websites for current schedules, fares and booking details.

By Road
Miri is accessible by road from Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei) and all major towns in Sarawak. Connected to major towns in Sarawak and to Brunei and Sabah by the Pan-Borneo Highway. There is no pay-toll along these highway as the road are contructed by the local goverment.


travel_tips-05.jpgAlthough Bahasa Melayu is the official language of Malaysia, you will find that nearly everybody in Sarawak (particularly in the cities) speaks fluent English. Further upriver into the interior and Bahasa Melayu and Iban are more likely to be used in preference. Also, there many variety of dialect the local people communicate with each other. You may find interesting to witness there are many people in the same area but conduct many different languages.

See our Useful Words page for some Iban and Malay words which you might not find in your standard guidebook.


The local currency called Ringgit Malaysia (RM). One ringgit comprises 100 sen.

The currency comes in the form of both notes and coins. Ringgit banknotes are issued in the following denominations RM1, RM2, RM5, RM10, RM50 and RM100 while coins are issued in one sen, five sen, 10 sen, 20 sen, 50 sen and RM1 denominations.

travel_tips-06.jpgForeign currency and traveller? cheques can be converted into Ringgit at banks or authorised moneychangers throughout the country. Resident travellers are allowed to carry into and out of the country any amount not exceeding RM1,000 per person and also export foreign currency not exceeding the equivalent of RM10,000 per person. Those who are carrying in excess of these - when entering or leaving the country - are required to obtain permission from the Controller of Foreign Exchange and declare in the Traveller? Declaration Form the exact amount of Ringgit carried. Approval is usually given within one day of application. Non-residents are allowed to bring in any amount of foreign currency (including traveller? cheques). However, declaration in the Disembarkation Card issued by the Immigration Department is required when an amount in excess of US$2,500 is brought into the country.

Non-residents must also obtain permission and declare Ringgit exceeding RM1,000 when leaving or entering the country.

Most major credit cards are accepted fairly widely in the major shops. There are plenty of money changers in the Airports and city, but ATMs offer one of the most convenient means of obtaining cash for travellers.


travel_tips-07.jpgThe custom of tipping is not practised in Malaysia. To tip or not depends entirely on you. Most hotels and large restaurants have already included a 10% service charge in addition to the 5% government tax to the bill (indicated by the ++ sign on menus and rate cards) so tipping is unnecessary.

What to bring?

Recommended clothing:
Lightweight cottons and linens are worn throughout the year. Waterproofing is advisable all year.

Business Hours

travel_tips-08.jpgMiri runs on a normal eight-hour working day system with Saturdays as a half-day workday and Sunday as a day of rest. All public service departments and some banks usually close on the first and third Saturday of the month.

Private sector hours are generally from 9am to 5pm (Monday-Friday) and 9am to 1pm (Saturday) while government office hours are usually from 8.30am to 4.30pm. Many private sector companies operate on a five-day week.


travel_tips-09.jpgSarawak maintained separate control over immigration when it joined the Malaysian Federation. As a consequence, even if you are coming from Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah, you are required to obtain a separate visa for Sarawak (Malaysians coming from other parts of Malaysia are also required to do so). 1 month social visas are automatically issued at the airport. Extensions (1 month at a time, up to 2 extensions) can be obtained from the Immigration Department with relatively little fuss.

Visitors entering Malaysia must possess a valid passport or an internationally recognised travel document (valid for travel to Malaysia). Those who are not in possession of any of these must obtain a Document in lieu of Passport from the Malaysian Representative Office abroad. A passport is necessary for travel between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak, as well as between Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysians from the Peninsula need either a passport or their identity card to enter Sabah and Sarawak. Visitors who come to Malaysia on a visa must get the document from the Malaysian Representative Office abroad before entering the country. A visa must be used within its validity period (normally three months).

However, visitors should note that a visa is not a guarantee for entering Malaysia. The final decision rests with the Immigration Officer at the entry point.

Tourist Police

travel_tips-10.jpgVisitors who face unforeseen problems can always seek the aid of the Malaysian Tourist Police. You can identify an officer by his or her attire - checkered hatband, dark blue shirt and trousers and a red and blue badge (with the letter "I" for information) displayed on the breast pocket.

These officers usually patrol tourist spots and protect the attractions/monuments as well as the safety of all visitors.

Power supply and water

travel_tips-11.jpg3-pin plug. 240V, 50Hz.

Recommender Boil

Important Number

Airport Information
Air Asia
Hornbill Skywats
Royal Custom Malaysia
Resident & District Offie
Miri City Council
Post Office
Post Laju(Express Post)
National Park Office
Tourist Police
Fire and Rescue
Taxi Service
Bus Station
Dialling Code


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